Connecter Server - Starting Steps
Updated July 13th, 2022

Account preparation

In order to use Connecter Server, the team needs at least one Design Connected ID. It can be created through either or
This Design Connected ID will be used for managing Connecter Server’s subscription. Usually, it’s an account used by the person who will manage the payments in the future. You can change it after the initial setup.

NOTE: If you already have Design Connected ID, you can use it - log in on

Subscription - Free trial

The first step towards using Connecter Server is to start a subscription -
You can choose between 4 options based on the number of allowed simultaneous connections (“users”). If you need more than 20 users, start with the biggest plan, and contact our support team for pricing and increasing the limit.

Click the button below the plan you want. That will almost instantly create a subscription with an initial trial period.

Invite admin

Click the “Create team” button and enter the details. Don’t worry too much about the naming - it can be changed in the future. 
You will have to enter the email of the Team Admin. That’s the person who will manage the team - invite new users, set permissions, create workspaces, etc. The admin doesn’t require Design Connected ID and can be different from the one used for setting the subscription.
The admin will receive an email from Inside you will find a link that will take you to You will just need to fill the name and select a password to complete the admin account setup.

Introduction to Team Portal

On you will find a web interface that allows you to manage your Connecter Server team and Workspaces. You have the following tabs:
  • Members
Here you can invite one or multiple users to your team. Every user is defined by a name and email - the latter is used as the username for logging in to the Workspace.
NOTE: You can have more users in your team than the actual limit set by the subscription - it’s about the allow simultaneous connections.
  • Workspaces
You can create many Workspaces and assign the users with different permissions to each of them. You can’t run two Workspaces simultaneously, so it makes sense to have multiple only if you have people who are working with completely different libraries. 

NOTE: The meta-data for the assets isn’t shared between different Workspaces even if they are part of one team.

Creating Cloud Workspace

Using the “+ Cloud Workspace” you can create your first Connecter Server workspace. It will be hosted on a secure server with SSL encrypted connection. The only thing that you need to do is to pick a name for the Workspace.

NOTE: You can also create a self-hosted hosted Workspace. It requires advanced IT skills and ongoing support from a system administrator. Depending on your server/cloud-solution of choice the setup can differ a lot, but you can check this video for example. It will give you an idea about the information that should be entered in the Team Portal.

Invite users

In the newly created Cloud Workspace, you will see all team members. If you haven’t invited any there will only be the admin of the Team.

The invites can be sent from the Members tab. We recommend creating a Cloud Workspace first and then inviting multiple users. This will allow you to assign them to the Workspace and chose their permissions in bulk.