Conference Supplies
For the past two years I have been organising, a conference featuring great talks with practical advice from international web experts.

Quite often people ask me where I got my stickers, banners or print work done. I am a big fan of sourcing locally, support your local dealer. This quite will come in handy if you’re based in Hong Kong, China or Asia. 

I hope you will enjoy it!
Charis Rooda,


Some tips:

  • I source most of my products through Alibaba
  • It seems you can find these three combined in China: Fast, Cheap and Good. 
  • Once I have found a supplier, I usually exchange a few emails back and forth to see if they understand what I mean, are reliable and can meet my requirements. 
  • In Alibaba you can set an MOQ (minimum order quantity). Quite often I get disappointed because I only need 200 items maximum, which is, in general, a pretty low number for these companies. If you’re looking for lower quantities make sure you fill in a low MOQ. 
  • With low quantities, it’s hard to bargain. 
  • Things get lost in translation. I always send them a lot of pictures with arrows and text. 
  • Quite often suppliers can send you some samples for free when you pay the postage. Postage from China to Hong Kong is only a few euro. If you’re based in Asia, ask them to send it through SF Express. 
  • Quite often they want to take the conversation outside of Alibaba, worked fine with me, haven’t been ripped off once. 
  • I prefer to pay by PayPal, you can ask them to send you a payment request. 


I am super happy with StickerHD. They are based in Taiwan. I have been using their ‘Die cut stickers’. Their pricing is lower than Stickermule and the quality is super high. 

They send you a proof and they think along with you. 


TJBanner made these huge banners and some smaller ones too. I was super happy with them. Their prices are competitive and their product range is very large. They have a website too. 

If you don’t feel like going through Alibaba, they can send you a PDF with their products too. Or send them a picture as a sample. I have been dealing with Fiona and she was excellent. 


I ordered my Lanyards at Yiwu Xiangxing Weiye Industry And Trade. They have a lot of different materials and keychains.  

They made a free sample and send it to me when I was not sure about the design.