CLF Implementation Virtual Working Group

(ARCHIVED - This group is no longer active. This page remains here for reference only.) 

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Doug Walker - Working Group Chairman - email
Scott Dyer - ACES Working Group Liaison - email
Alex Forsythe - ACES Technical Lead - email
Steve Tobenkin - ACES Adoption/Comms Lead - email
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Per Approved Working Group Proposal below - (subject to clarification and change)
  • Test and and validate CLFs
  • Determine how implementation-related information be communicated to enable implementers
  • Determine the minimal set of capabilities that should be required of implementers
  • Determine if different levels/profiles of CLF support be defined
  • Determine if it would be helpful to have a "reference implementation”
  • Determine if any recommendations should be provided for how to bake CLFs into approximate representations
  • Develop recommendations for how to set and/or propagate the metadata fields
  • Determine what tests are recommended for the first plug-fest

Anticipated Deliverable(s)

  • Reference Image(s) - before/after
  • Implementation Guide
  • An example implementation - refer to ociochecklut (e.g. it is a good example of parsing CLFs and issuing useful error messages to user when CLF is invalid)
  • A tool for those who don’t have a way to compare before/after images - OIIO idiff modified for use with testing tolerances
  • Plug-fest(s)?


CLF Implementation Guide

Current CLF Specification

Specification Revision VWG

The meeting summaries and work from the previous CLF Spec Revision Virtual Working Group is archived here: +CLF Spec Revision Virtual Working Group 


Group Proposal/VWG Charter

Proposed list of test CLF files

Proposed reference target

List of LUT Formats

CLF Repository