Community/Evangelist Call (US/ASIA)

March 26, 2020 1:30 PM EST(US/ASIA)

Thema: Blockstack Community's Personal Meeting Room
Meeting start time: Mar 26, 2020 1:28 PM
Aufzeichnung von Meeting:
👋 Introductions (In Zoom Chat)
If this is your first time attending this call, please introduce yourself in the Zoom chat (or in the doc below)! 👇 

Hey, I am Din, 29 years old from Tel Aviv. I am in the crypto space since 2016 when I first exposed and invested in the Ethereum project. Since then, I am fully interested and deal with the crypto daily, was part of the Bitcoin Embassy in Israel, led a big event last year in Tel Aviv (DeFi and Dapps Day), and for the past 10 months working at Efficient Frontier who is a leading liquidity provider and algo-trading company in the crypto financial markets. I am the Director of Financial Services in the company, leading and set goals for business activity, and manage directly the development and product teams.  Before Efficient Frontier, I worked at ironSource (Ad-Tech), led the Brand department activity in APAC, visited Singapore quite a lot and led the Sales representatives there.

Hey, myself Allen Joseph, 19 year old from Kochi, India. I’m a Google Code-In finalist for the year 2018 and a Google Code-In mentor 2019, Also a Microsoft MSP. I’ve been into game development with flash for a long time and now I’m into the crypto-space. I’ve been working with ethereum for a long time now, the community in India got me started. Now, I’m currently developing a blockchain community all over India with a Zubi. I’m looking forward to explore the crypto space more with Blockstack and also looking forward to help Blockstack develop a community in India.

👋 Agenda (What are we tackling in this meeting)
  • 14 Evangelists confirmed to help/lead their own PoX meetups
  • 1: 35 - 1:40 Upcoming Clarity Tooling Hackathon @Shannon V ⛏️ 
  • If you’d like to provide further input on the hackathon challenges, let us know here:
  • These tooling categories will aid security-conscious developers to write safer code and get better perception into the complexity of their own clarity contracts.
  • Visualization 
  • We need auditor tools that will visualize how the code fits together. In this category, you can develop tools that should give access to a variety of visualization techniques. Visual Editors, Auditor Extensions, and Documentation Generator are some of the visualization tools that our developer community need.
  • Analysis and Coverage 
  • Developers require tools that will provide immediate feedback on the issues during code development itself. Security tools, Static Analysis tools and Code Coverage are some of the tools for this category.
  • Developer Efficiency
  • Tools that improve code quality are essential in code development. Our community needs tools that will flag bugs, constructs, and stylistic errors that will make code easier to read and review.
  • 1:40 - 1: 55 New ways of working for our community @Jenny M 
  • Models that each group can use to get aligned on mission/goalsw
  • For example, Business Models group could ask themselves every week, “Is the work we’re doing helping developers make money on Blockstack?”
  • PoX group could ask, “Is the work we’re doing increasing the number of miners, stackers and contracts deployed on Stacks 2.0?”
  • Which groups have an “expiration date” and which groups will work indefinitely?
  • What can we do to work more productively asynchronously? Should we consider having calls every other week?
  • 1: 55 - 1: 05 PoX Working Group Update c/o @Harold D 
My PoX WG Update 🙂 
  • 1:05 - 1:15 Governance Working Group Update c/o @Juliet O 
  1. Blockstack stakeholder Governance Survey - Support the effort , take the survey, promote to communities:
  1. Stakeholder Interviews
  1. Governance Proposal
  1. Stacks Foundation
  • 1:15 - 1: 25 Business Model Working Group Update c/o @Jason S 
  • Highlights from past working group meetings
  • Survey and key takeaways
  • RICE scoring exercise and key takeaways
  • 1: 25 - 1: 30 Open discussion

🥇 Community Wins (Any updates that you want to share to entire community)