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If people like the music, they will love & support the artist. People love BTS because of their music, concepts, talent & personalities. They didn't go check K-Pop history & previous Korean groups in order to like BTS because they don't care! Their focus was and is only BTS! They follow what's genuine to them.

No one paved the way for BTS because they went there where no Asian or non-English Music has ever gone before. In fact, it is BTS who is making the global path more open and easier for future foreign artists.

BTS & ARMYs built their own path & goals. BTS and ARMYs made their own dreams and dared to go for impossible goals and fly higher.

We dared to start a movement, not you.
We dared to make far reaching goals, not you.
We dared to dream, not you.

We focus on the revolution, change & the message that BTS wants to convey.

As a fellow ARMY said, BTS and ARMYs are not only moving forward for higher goals & dreams; they are also raising the bar and standards.