The Hanged Man
NOTES / +Tarot 

Enlightenment, sacrifice, perspective, suspension, reversals


+Tarot Journal Notes

June 6, 2020 - reflective
  • 🐦: Looks like I get to interpret this card through the Raven’s worldly lens today. Instead of being about work, I interpret this to refer to the George Floyd protests and the history of racial inequality in the country where hangings play a truly dark role. Is this particular movement pushing past the tipping point on a few things? Some people are hopeful. I’m still wary, but only because I don’t have a true pulse on everything that is happening. 

June 5, 2020 - helpful
  • 🐢: Interpreted as struggling with transitions. Definitely plenty of transitions uprooting all sense of self: work, book, family, pandemic, protests, election year. The challenge I suppose is to use this upheaval to re-orient our roots while also shedding the ruts and the stale connections. The person who shared this card with me related it to the transitions of changing teams at work. I feel like I still have something to let go of in terms of being overly resentful of my last job, so in my case it’s about letting the hanged man hang, and getting on with it. 


  • Light: Seeing growth opportunities in unpleasant events. Experiencing a dramatic change in personal perspective. Making the best of an unforeseen change in your life or work. Suspending disbelief. Making sacrifices.
  • Shadow: Being untrue to yourself and your values. Refusing to make sacrifices when appropriate. Refusing to adapt to new situations. Blaming others. Profiting at the expense of others.

  • Light: sacrifice, waiting, uncertainty, lack of direction, perspective, contemplation
  • Shadow: stalling, disinterest, stagnation, avoiding sacrifice, standstill, apathy

  • Today's card. Psychologist James Hillman spoke of the mythic Acorn Theory which teaches that "the roots of the soul are in the heavens & the human grows downward into life." In other words, our task is not to "grow up" but to grow down, into the gifts we've been given. A concept.