750 Words V2
NOTES / What's new with V2?

  • What is this? I’ll keep it super simple and just keep this doc updated with the latest changes and news and thoughts happening as V2 is being built. Feel free to add comments or questions.

Latest update: 

  • Starting to work on groups, which is a big big request over the years. Basically the ability to pair 750 Words with classes, courses, and other challenges. If you have thoughts about this stuff feel free to leave a comment here.


Todos and known issues:

Email support@750words.zendesk.com with any feedback and issues you don’t see listed here.

Recently fixed (please let me know if you are still seeing these problems)
  • July 6th: Entries were not saving properly the first few hours of July 6th
  • July 6th: Safari lagginess issue part 2 (happens when passing 750)
  • Mostly fixed… but not 100% fixed. Will return to it a bit later since I want to make progress on other things, but please report any lagginess you experience!
  • May 15th-July 3rd: Safari lagginess. There’s an issue on iPad/iPhone (and in Safari) where the writing becomes sluggish after a while. Perhaps some kind of javascript issue? [via Jon, Christin]
  • July 3rd update: Pushing the fix to production. Hoping everything is now working.
  • June 29th update: Still trying to figure this out. So frustrating. Now going to take the drastic measures of re-building the writing page up from nothing, to try and find the culprit here.
  • June 11th update: it fixes it sometimes, but it’s still happening… the search continues!
  • June 1st update: Pushed a potential fix to this on Jun 1st, waiting to see if it fixes the problem. 
  • May 23rd: Some of the stats on the front page are incorrect (it might say you have a 0 day streak when in fact you have a streak). [via Evy]
  • There was a save error for a specific badge that prevented saving. I fixed that case but it may come up again.
  • May 22nd: Some people reporting that a stray distraction is showing up at the end of a day’s writing. [via Evy] 
  • July 3rd: I can’t reproduce this. I think there are some ways to make distractions visible to people so it’s easier to know when they happen. 
  • May 18th: There’s no “forgot password” flow for people who forget their passwords. If this happens to you, for now just send me an email at support@750words.zendesk.com and we can work it out. [via Vicki]
  • May 23rd: A rudimentary “reset your password” flow was implemented.


Launch checklist:

Things that need to work before launching this to beta testers.

  • Basic site stuff
  • Signing up, logging in
  • Reset password
  • Resend email confirmation
  • Make sure the site works in all browsers
  • Make sure performance is okay on iPad 
  • Migrating stuff from the old 750
  • Linking accounts to the old 750 is possible, stats are imported
  • Track subscriptions on old 750 so people don’t double pay
  • Import metadata from old 750
  • Import monthly challenge badges from old 750
  • Writing and stats
  • Can write words on web and it doesn’t suck
  • You can see your words from past days
  • Badges can be earned
  • All existing badges are drawn
  • All new badges are drawn
  • You can see how many people have earned a badge
  • Can see basic stats for your entries