The Queen of Swords
NOTES / +Tarot 

Grace, skill, wit, charm, aptitude


+Tarot Journal Notes

June 8, 2020 - clarifying
  • 😺: Exercising tact and cutting through the bullshit of my own intuitions. I feel like this speaks to my recent change of heart around the “defund the police” messaging. I was initially shocked by the sentiment, and resistant, but when I spent a couple days separating my own onboarding to the idea from the much more nuanced and thoughtful arguments and frustrations around this topic, I came to see how this message is appropriate for this moment in history. 


  • Light: Exercising tact or using diplomacy. Defusing a tense situation. Knowing what to say and how to say it. Making others feel comfortable and confident. Bringing out the best in everyone. Having a way with words. Telling jokes. Possessing a knack for music, math, art, or science.
  • Shadow: Knowing exactly what to say to destroy another person. Withholding critical information. Using a barbed tongue to upset others. Employing sarcasm. Mimicking others unkindly. Making light of the less fortunate. Being disrespectful. Failing to use the talent you’ve been given.

  • Light: honest, independent, principled, fair, constructive criticism, objective, perceptive
  • Shadow: pessimistic, malicious, manipulative, harsh, bitter, spiteful, cruel, deceitful, unforgiving

  • Today's card. Discernment, or the ability to parse out the life-giving from the parasitic, the medicinal from the poison, the personal North from the guiding light of the masses, is very often earned through a series of indiscriminate choices. You get burned & you learn. It's ok.