The 2 of Swords
NOTES / +Tarot 

Denial, debate, impasse, truce, armistice, peace


+Tarot Journal Notes

July 9, 2020 - patience
  • 😺  and 🐢: The vexing “both sides” card. My fascination and my obstacle in many conflicts of my life. I love the ambiguity of this card and how it is both a stalemate and a peaceful acceptance of that discomfort, and the patience to wait for an answer to arrive. 


  • Light: Refusing to make a decision without getting the facts. Exploring both sides of an argument. Arguing passionately for what you believe in. Weighing the issues. Encouraging the open exchange of ideas. Discussing political or religious issues without getting “hot under the collar.”
  • Shadow: Rejecting evidence that conflicts with dearly-held beliefs. Arguing with others just for the sake of doing so. Nit-picking. Putting off a decision because you’re afraid to face the consequences. Preventing others from getting the information they need to make good decisions.

  • Light: stalemate, difficult choices, stuck in the middle, denial, hidden information
  • Shadow: indecision, hesitancy, anxiety, too much information, no right choice, truth revealed

  • Today's card. Intellect can function like a shield to defend against painful feelings. We create narratives, tell stories, obsess over details all to avoid making contact w/ the simplicity of our grief, anger, hopelessness, terror. Sometimes we need to put down our swords & feel.