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#17 (30-6-19)
one of the things that struck me in yesterday's conversation was how easy it is to succumb to the enormous force of the culture and history.

  • things have always been done this way and that's how it is : this is how 'things' 'are'.

this is a very powerful message and you get it a hundred, a thousand times every day, from other people, from advertising, from the media in all it myriad forms. it is embedded in the culture.
and since you feel moved to connect with people, you feel the pull to be part of a community because the role of 'enkeling' is not an easy one.

and so you can succumb to it by conforming OR by feeling guilty or sad or uncomfortable that you are not conforming, that you can't conform, or you just don't want to.

and what does 'surrender' mean then?

a master requires you to submit, and whilst i believe it may be therapeutic for some people to temporarily submit to a master or indeed to be in the position of master and have someone submit to them, like any therapeutic technique or method, its usefulness has limits.