Using Collapsible Content in Drupal

Using Collapsible Content in Drupal
The Collapsible Content feature (also known as an “accordion” feature) is used to improve the user experience by turning a large block of text paragraphs into collapsed sections of text that only expand when the user selects them. 

Most commonly used to share lists like “How to Apply” or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), this feature may also be helpful in any context where a large block of text is presented in a single page with headings and subheadings in place, such as a policy or instruction manual, or a conference schedule of events.

Here’s what Collapsible Content looks like on our site:

Desktop View:

Mobile View (all collapsed):

How to Use Collapsible Content

  1. Select “Add Collapsible Content” from the option list
  1. Add first Collapsible Content item and the text that will be hidden
  1. Use the Add Collapsible Text button to add additional items to this section
  1. If content is revised after publication (like with an updated FAQ), use the “Last Updated” checkbox to highlight that for your audience.