Patent-CRSP permco match

Patent-CRSP permco match
These data provide a patent-CRSP permco match, as in our published paper, Stoffman, N., Woeppel, M., and Yavuz, M.D. 2022. Small Innovators: No Risk, No Return. Journal of Accounting and Economics (link). The data in our paper span 1976 through 2019. The below data span 1976 through 2023.

If you use these data, please cite our paper as the data source. (Right click and open in new tab to download.)

Patent number
Filing date of patent (mm/dd/yyyy)
Issue (grant) date of patent (mm/dd/yyyy)
CRSP permco
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About the data

These data span 1976 through 2023 and include only patents that we have matched the assignee to a firm in CRSP.  These data also include non-utility patents that we did not use in our paper (design patents, reissue patents, etc). In addition to string-matching algorithms, our extensive hand matching procedure helps resolves issues associated with mergers, acquisitions, asset sales, spin-offs, joint ventures, and other sources of inconsistency. For example, we match many patents assigned to two-party joint ventures to both owners of 50/50 joint venture. We plan to update these data at least annually.*

Non-utility patents
Of the 614,287 non-utility patents with an assignee between 1976 and 2023, we match 143,296, or 23.3%, to CRSP firms. Our non-utility patent database includes 3,112 unique permcos matched to patents.

Utility patents
Of the 7,128,825 utility patents with an assignee between 1976 and 2023, we match 2,904,230, or 40.7%, to CRSP firms. Our patent database includes 8,885 unique permcos matched to utility patents. As of February 2024, KPSS** match 2,544,432 patents, or 36.9%, to CRSP firms between 1976 and 2022. KPSS database includes 7,614 unique permcos. 

*The quality of these data (i.e., accuracy of matches) benefited from the research assistance of Garrett Klinge.

**Kogan, L., Papanikolaou, D., Seru, A., and Stoffman, N., 2017. Technological innovation, resource allocation, and growth. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 132(2), pp. 665-712.

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