ℹ️ In-app education: Add Product Name Add Feature Name

ℹ️ In-app education: Add Product Name Add Feature Name 
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This document aims to outline the design of the education modal of a new product feature and how users get informed inside our apps.

Desktop (Web/macOS)

“What’s new” menu option

💡 Link to icon asset for menu option

Location in-app
Option inside Help dropdown menu followed by feature name. Note: This is dynamic and always names the last big feature release.
Directs to
What’s New: Feature name
Opens the feature introduction information modal.
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Desktop (Web/macOS)

Info Modal

Note: This modal is a reusable component.
🔗 Zeplin handoff file Web/macOS
🔗 PNG or GIF if asset Web/macOS 

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What’s New?

Introducing @Mentions
Sometimes you need an easy (yet unobtrusive) way to get a teammate's attention. Now, you can mention them by typing '@'+ their name in your comment or message.

[PNG or GIF demonstrating feature]

[Learn More] [Thanks!]
“Learn more” button redirects to help article; Blue “Thanks!” Button closes modal
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Info Modal

Describe how the modal works. Add a user flow diagram or sketch below if needed. 
E.g. A dialog opens anywhere after updating the app to the latest version.

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