Hi, I’m Perrie! 👋🏽

Hi, I’m Perrie! 👋🏽
I am a product designer living in Nigeria 🇳🇬. I help organisations & communities design, maintain & improve the quality of their products, to match the needs of their target audience.

As a designer with a background in science(Microbiology), I like to tackle my design problems like a scientist. I fully understand the importance of all aspect of design and create experiences with a balanced mindset that focuses on data, research and psychology. I believe the best experiences are created through a vivid understanding of the problem, continues iterations, experiments and guided by user feedback.

I am currently consulting with the African Union, the International Telecommunication Union, and UN Women to bring more women into technology. Also, building a diverse community and leading the design team at Open Source Community Africa, a movement that promotes and educates everything open source within Africa.

I am also leading and building a team at the 69Labs, an independent design firm, established on the premise of infinite potential & responsiveness, centered on infinite, multidimensional & utopian ideas. We are a team of practising designers and developers, working collaboratively & in teeming friendship to create meaningful experiences for brands & individuals. At 69, We create cutting-edge responses to design needs of individuals, organizations & communities, criss-crossing human-centred design, physical & digital experience designs, architecture/space design, communication & advertising, open design. 

Beyond doing research, educating and creating experiences, I do a lot of design/product management as well. 


I was a product designer at Sorcero, where I was involved in building the most advanced knowledge bases for technical industries, such as Health Insurance, and Life Sciences. I developed high level, detailed storyboards, design systems, low/high fidelity mock-ups, and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas. 

I also worked with the BackYourStack team as a UI/UX designer to create new web experiences. Back Your Stack is an open source tool that works by analysing your open source projects, manifests and finding all of your project’s dependencies and see the impact of your contributions.

With House court team, I served as a product designer for an estate management application, that helps users manage their estate activities. I redesigned the experience of their mobile application. The primary goal of the application is to help estate managers as well as tenants manage activities within the estate. The design approach from the existing application made it difficult for users to interact with it, the issues were ranging from long onboarding to difficulty carrying out tasks due to the design complexity. For starters, I conducted interviews with a few tenants and estate managers who were already onboarded, to clearly understand their frustrations and what they would really like to achieve with the application.
I also had a lengthy conversation with the owner of the application to understand clearly what the objectives are. With the data I got, I put together a list of objectives, pain points and generated personas from them. 
Understanding the feelings, behaviour and needs of the product became a lot clearer after conducting interviews with the existing users and product owner. Iterating on a couple of ideas, mapping out the user journey. I created a detailed & structured architecture for how I envisioned the new experience of the application to be. 

Strengthen the Sixth is an interactive web platform that provides information about how Sixth Amendment rights promote fair trials and accurate verdicts and what your role is in upholding those rights. The content on this site is drawn from a broad range of criminal justice stakeholder groups. I was tasked to provide a redesign for the website.

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I believes so much in the essence of community & collaboration. Hence, I have chosen to remain actively involved in strengthening communities around me, particularly in my areas of interests. I hold & reckon pertinently in the theory that, for every building, bricks & mortar are vital to the actualisation of the structure, which entails collaboration & contribution.
In the past years, I have helped to build, maintain and grow some amazing communities, within and beyond Africa.

OSS Contributions

  • With GNOME, I work on the GNOME desktop(GUI) as a designer and also with the engagement team on scalable onboarding for the community.
  • New web experience for Back Your Stack. The product focuses on analysing your open source project manifests and find all dependencies. We then empower you to curate a subscription plan and see the impact of your contribution.


Speaking Engagements

  • Open Source Design - Africa
     FOSDEM, Belgium - 2020 - Watch Video
  • Connecting Empathy