HOA Affiliate Signup

HOA Affiliate Signup
Joining our HOA Affiliate program is easy but it's different for existing HOA Member Services (HOAMS) customers.

NOTE: Before you begin know that a PayPal account is required to receive your commission payouts. If you don't have a PayPal account please register for one at PayPal.com before attempting to complete your registration.

Visit the Affiliate Area

At the bottom of any page on our website (http://hoamemberservices.com) click the Affiliates: Login/Join link.

Visit the Registration Form

Click the JOIN button.

Join for NON-HOAMS Customers

This section will show you how to sign up as a NON-HOAMS customer.
Our registration form is short and easy to follow but there are a few things to note.
  1. Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required.
  1. You'll see an Account Email and a PayPal Payment Email. It's OK to use your PayPal Payment Email as your Account Email, if you like. However, having the opportunity to keep them separate is more convenient for some customers' workflow.

Join for HOAMS Customers

If you are existing HOAMS Customer you must sign in before you can become an affiliate.
  1. When you arrive on the Affiliate Join page, and you are not signed in, you'll see the login form. Go ahead and Login.
  1. If you are signed in (or after you sign in) the Affiliate Join page will show that you are signed in and automatically pre-fill the Username and Account Email addresses for you. Also, you will not be asked to create a password.

Continue the Join process by completing the Affiliate Registration Form as described in the previous step.

Registration Confirmation

NOTE: Registrations are "Manually Approved". Please stand by while we review your application. You'll be notified via your "Account" email.

Mail - Confirmation

You'll also get an email confirming your registration.