HOA Affiliate Getting Started Guide

HOA Affiliate Getting Started Guide


If you're reading this, you already received your acceptance email and clicked the Getting Started Guide link in the Affiliate Dashboard.

Your participation in our program is a great way to influence and inspire HOAs to run more efficiently and earn 50% commission on every sale.

We’ve made it easy for you to get started.

NOTE: Before getting started be sure to understand these key items

  • In the sections below and on our website you’ll see reference to the word “Referral”. At HOA Member Services we mean “Sale” when we use the term Referral. So, a referral is a visitor, that you send to our site, who buys something. This qualifies you for a commission. If you send a visitor to our site and they don’t buy something, they remain a “Visitor”. Visitor statistics are found in the “Visits” area. 
  • We support “Direct Links”. Direct Links are the easiest way to manage your referral program. Be sure to check out the Direct Links section. (it’s at the end).

Affiliate Dashboard Overview

When you sign into the Affiliate Area you start on the "Affiliate URLs" Page because it's the first page in the Affiliate Area.

We'll explain each of the Affiliate Area pages. Below are the Affiliate Area pages:

Affiliate URLs | Statistics | Graphs | Referrals | Payouts | Visits | Creatives | Settings | Direct Links | Log out

The Affiliate pages display as horizontal navigation at the top of all Affiliate pages. See below:

Affiliate URLs

To direct visitors to our website and receive your commission we have to identify visitors as being ‘referred’ by you. This is where the Affiliate URL does the work. 
  1. To generate a referral URL to a specific page, product, post, etc. Visit the page you would like to generate a referral URL, copy the URL address and paste it here. 
  1. Optionally, enter a campaign name for your own tracking purposes. 

NOTE: Generated URL’s will NOT be saved to your account. It is your responsibility to keep track of generated URL’s.

Create your own affiliate URL by 


An up-to-date snapshot of activity generated by a referral. Meaning, all information will be zero (except Commission Rate) until a visitor comes to our website after clicking your affiliate URLs/Links or completing a sales transaction. 


See a visual representation of your referrals over time.


When a referral / sale occurs it will be displayed along with details such as amount and payment of commission status. 


Payouts are paid monthly around the 15 via PayPal. 


A visit occurs every time a visitor comes to our site from your site. The Visits page displays the URL/page the visitor clicked on from your website/email/promo etc. A green checkmark is displayed in the “Converted” column if the visitor made a purchase.