Growth Course: Strategy — Competitor Report FINISHED Example

Growth Course: Strategy — Competitor Report FINISHED Example


This document summarizes the research we’ve done comparing Dribble to its competitors. Our findings will inform everything from the messaging on the website, to the way we write ads, to the copy of drip emails that we send.

The most important findings are in the “Top Takeaways” section. These are the most important to read. You can see more specifics, broken down by competitor, in the main section of this document.

Top Takeaways

  • Dribble can really hit home the play amongst your friends at the pub’ angle to differentiate itself (even though competitors allow this feature, they don’t promote it as much as they could)
  • Other than keeping certain users from getting intimidated, it also of course maximizes chances of winning, and makes your time out with friends, watching the match, more exciting
  • This opens up potential Dribble Nights at pubs, where folks go to the pub, sign up for Dribble (if they don’t have an account), add cash to their account, then compete in a private draft amongst pub attendees. 
  • The 1, 2, 3 steps for how to get started seem to be pretty common here. All the competitors do it.  I know Dribble does too. We just want to make sure our 1, 2, 3 comes across as not only the easiest, but most rewarding/exciting.
  • Competitors like to emphasize how users can play when/where they want. None really go into depth with it though. Dribble can really talk about things like specifying the perfect moments to use Dribble (like heading over to the pub).
  • Hitting home the pain point that most season-long leagues are too time consuming is huge.  
  • If this isn’t in “Play Now” with Dribble, it could be worth letting users play amongst friends for free. Always. And from time to time encouraging them (with notifications etc.) to get more skin into the game with a friendly wager. This gets folks really invested in the app, and familiar with it, and far more likely to start betting for real amongst friends. 
  • And then eventually with strangers. 
  • One of the differentiating points made by Dribble is that users have a higher chance of winning. If we can use a percentage to emphasize that (like 90% of all users walk away winners!) that’d be useful.
  • Competitors like to emphasize their ability to match you with players of your skill level. Not sure Dribble does this, but the counter to that is keeping contests smaller for greater chance of winning. 
  • Using the word “CASH” is big.

Competitor 1 - DraftKings

Key value props

  • 1 day/ 1-week games mean no commitment (similar to Dribble)
  • Play against people of your skill level (this is huge to increase a user’s chance of winning)
  • Don’t need to finish first to win (not sure if Dribble offers this)
  • Play private contests against your friends
  • Friends Mode - FanDuel's answer to your traditional fantasy league. Set up a private league for you and your friends and compete for weekly and season-long prizes. 
  • ^ This is for FanDuel not DraftKings ^

Marketing and Copy

  • The game inside the game
  • You don’t just want to watch, you want to play
  • Daily Fantasy Sports For Cash
  • The best place to play daily fantasy sports for cash prizes.
  •  Bringing sports fans closer to the game.
  • Play when you want. Where you want. On any device.
  • Their LP features quotes from users as well as big-name publications:
^Again, a FanDuel screenshot not DraftKings - still v. relevant point though^

Signup Flow

  • Under its CTA, DraftKings has a Promo Code option
  • Here is the incentive they use to get folks to make their first deposit/signup - their hero section is entirely focused on their offer for new users:
  • The fine print says: