FAQ Help article: Feature name

FAQ Help article: Feature name
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Feature Description:
Describe the feature and its benefits for the user shortly in up to 4 sentences.

Available for following platforms: 
Available for following plans:

How it works

Platform: Web/macOS/iOS/Android/Other

  1. First you do this step inside the app…
  1. In the second step you do this…
  1. Then you do this…

  • Add an UI mockup for every step; or an overview mockup @designer 

Note: Add a note to highlight anything the user has to be aware of when trying to do something using this feature
Quick tip: Add tips with real life or frequently used examples to make it more understandable for the user.


Q: What happens when you do this?

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Q: Who can do this and that and why?

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Q: What are the limitations when doing this and that?

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Q: If pro feature: My team is on the free plan. Can we still use this feature once the plan has changed?

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