Campaign Brief Template

Campaign Brief Template

🎯 Decision Makers

Choose your framework (DACI/RACI, ARPA, etc.) and list who is responsible for decision-making. 

Driver (campaign leader): 
Approver (has the final say on a given aspect of the campaign):  
Contributors (team who works on campaign execution): 
Informed (updated on the campaign progress because it might affect their own work):


What are we doing?

Alignment with Company Objectives

Every company has their own way of doing this: OKRs, OGSM, V2MOM, etc. What aspect(s) of the company objectives and goals does this campaign support?


Who are we talking to?


What are we trying to achieve?


What metrics are we trying to influence, reach, or establish? How will we know we're successful?

Key Messages

What themes, value proposition, or messages do we want to resonate with the audience as part of this campaign? 


The execution part. Will there be a blog post? Emails? Social posts?


Potential knock-on effects on other projects, customer impact, etc.

Cross-team dependencies

Do we need help from other teams?

Customer Support impact

Will this create support inquiries? Require documentation? 

Analytics impact

How will we track the campaign effectively?


Link to any other context or documents that can help people find what they’re looking for.