:Alex: Hi, I’m Alex, designer

Hi, I’m Alex, designer
Welcome to my website!
This is a compilation of info about me, links to my latest designs, references to my blog posts, access to wallpapers I've designed, templates I have written, some thoughts about work and life, and more.

About me:

My name is Alex Muench, I’m a senior digital product designer based in Germany, but working remotely. Currently I’m working full-time for Doist on the productivity and to-do app Todoist and the team communication app Twist. Occasionally I like to travel the world and work from different inspiring places.

📍 Currently in: Bavaria, Germany 🇩🇪
📚 Currently reading: Thanks for the Feedback

I design digital experiences for products on Web, Windows, iOS, Android and macOS. I am very passionate about helping people through our software, making our team better and sharing my experiences with the design community.

I’m also into UI/UX, illustration, books, tech, typography, iconography, productivity, accessibility, traveling, good food, football, calligraphy and lettering.

How to reach out:

Tweet me or DM me for any questions, discussions or if you simply want to say Hi.
For photography check out my Instagram. I’m also on LinkedIn.

My latest designs:

Check out my personal Dribbble page for a look into my latest designs, what we shipped, what I experiment with. Here’s the Dribbble page of our team at Doist to see what our design team is up to.


Blog Posts:

More coming soon! If you want to reach out for a written interview or have an idea for what I should write about, tweet me.

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