Since 20 October 1999, www.perrystreeter.com has been a vanity domain that automatically forwards to my Streeter FreePage at RootsWeb.com (acquired by Ancestry.com):

Unfortunately, like most of RootsWeb.com, the Streeter FreePage has been offline for months and it is unclear when the content and functionality will be restored. Ancestry.com has this URL automatically forwarding to their home page for now.

As a temporary solution, I have posted most of the PDFs normally hosted on the Streeter FreePage in my Public Dropbox Folder at:

In most cases, the filename of the PDF is the simply the surname of interest and should be self-explanatory. However, if you can’t find what you are seeking, please let me know. As potential reference sources, my Public Dropbox Folder also includes the following pages from the Streeter FreePage:

  • My contributions to The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record and New Netherland Connections

Unfortunately, most of the hyperlinks, including those to any FreePage at RootsWeb, simply won’t be clickable from Dropbox but the filenames are the same as those found within my Public Dropbox Folder and these pages may help you identify files of potential interest.

On behalf of Ancestry (the parent company of RootsWeb), I apologize for the considerable inconvenience they have caused for all of us. If you have any thoughts to share with Ancestry on that topic, please look for the “Care to share your thoughts with us?” hyperlink in the middle of the page at RootsWeb

I can’t easily present all of the content from the Streeter FreePage via DropBox but some attempts have been made further below.


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