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March 25, 2019
5:30pm – 8:30pm PDT

Speaker: Keith Patterson

Keith will be talking about the benefits of immersive technology in computer science education, the story behind the creation of vCoder and how his family is pioneering educational VR content together.



Portland, OR

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March 15, 2019 Announcement

2018 Oculus Launch Pad Winner - vCoder: Learn To Code In VR

In 2018, Oculus kicked off their third annual Oculus Launch Pad program, quickly followed by an annual boot camp tradition in Menlo Park. At boot camp, we spent two days with over 100 promising VR content creators from diverse backgrounds. We shared best practices, unique perspectives and inspiring ideas. We then spent four months building a prototype that was then submitted for consideration to be one of the Oculus Launch Pad Scholarship recipients. We’re excited to announce that vCoder was selected as 1 of the 4 Oculus Launch Pad Scholarship Recipients.

vCoder: Learn To Code In VR

Utilizing the unique qualities of VR, vCoder provides a dynamic, interactive, immersive, and focused way to learn computer science. In this educational game, players embark on an epic quest to master programming logic. Players develop coding skills using spatial programming and problem-solving to overcome challenges and transform the world around them in real-time. Targeted at students 13+ for school curriculum and independent learning, vCoder teaches the fundamentals of computer science in an innovative new way.


vCoder is the first virtual reality computer science app designed to teach coding in VR. vCoder uses the unique, immersive quality of VR to engage, inspire, and empower new programmers. It is an epic quest that teaches computer science fundamentals through fun obstacles; an adventure of computer science problem solving! vCoder is designed to unleash the superhero coder every student can become!