“Year of the DAOs: Moloch Rises” Proposal


  • Moloch Grant Proposal to fund 50% of costs (equivalent to ~ $1,350 USD) or 8 Moloch Shares
  • Submitted by Eva Beylin, will be ragequit to pay for expenses immediately after passing

  • Objectives:
  • Host a private Moloch Members meeting
  • Present about Moloch past efforts and future plans
  • Highlight the DAO efforts of other Moloch members and forks
  • Grow the Moloch community and lobby new members
  • Begin member outreach to VCs and other crypto projects to join the for-profit Moloch v2
  • Provide a setting for collaboration via working groups

  • Coordinators: Eva Beylin, Peter Pan, Makoto (OrochiDAO), Mayato

Working Schedule 

*Note: this is an ideal schedule, many speakers have yet to confirm 

Estimated Budget

Estimated Cost
  •  ATC Hall, conference room 2 (Devcon location)
  • Capacity of 120 school-style seating, 200 theater-style seating
  • Cleaning 
  • 82k yen, $765 USD venue cost
  • 10k yen, $100 USD AV cost 
  • Misc. costs (unclear)

Total: ~100k yen ($1k USD)
Snacks & beverages (eg. pizza, water) 
Est. ~$500 USD

Moloch Swag
  • Tshirts (500 yen/shirt, ~$4.66 USD)
  • Hats  (460 yen/hat, $4.29 USD)
  • Stickers (~$200 USD)
  • Lighters (tbd)
  • ~$500 USD for 100 shirts
  • ~$250 USD for 50 hats
  • ~$200 USD for stickers

Total: ~$1k USD
Kickback Event Pricing ($1 per attendee)
~$200 USD
~ $2,700 USD


Request for Funding

  • Please vote yes if you are comfortable with a grant funding all or 50% of the event

  • Moloch Grant
  • Request a Moloch grant to cover 50% of expenses ($1,350)
  • Rationale: 
  • Event could be a vehicle for member outreach
  • Effective way to enable in-person collaboration given significant attendance at Devcon
  • Will perpetuate Moloch meme