From Community to DevRel - how being an outsider helped me build bridges between worlds 

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talk about this a bit later if so what it was like opens Angela talk about open source after importing the open source community is surrounding US Open Source software and not necessary gonna go with the test book definition or you know the open source movement of our that it's more like I'm going to go with me the more down-to-earth version of the thing and whatsit community like basically any stakeholders that are you going to be interacting with during your product Cycles were your product development as a developer relations or developer engineer
here's the thing if you don't think you have a community you're probably wrong everybody even if you are you don't think I'm not using open Source software it will open Source software you don't deserve it open source community if you like Facebook and developing something in house and decide to you like I spent it on the internet and releases like react or like a bunch of open source libraries that big companies have released as open Source software that's not the only way to become a stakeholder and open source business you might be depending on some modules open source libraries or any kind of our self-identity open an open source Manor think about just after or Linux itself
Turkey that your team that your product of two companies actually using so but you don't even have to be a use Excel for your like ok I'm not depending on any of that sell third letter you're like a services company providing an API so that API is basically an interface for people to interact with so even if you're not providing or if you're uh you're providing a letter to the API nitrate that people are going to be building like rappers to obscure languages that you're not providing support for it and maybe releasing them is open source so you are going to be having people have to deal with open source community anyway
you're having an open source community is that a bad thing actually so you should be worried about that any good open source community is a great opportunity for us contributions could you be so there's coming a lot of these are just think I like a very basic ones are like you know people finding bug reports were they sending you a shoes very dislike people put you on Twitter or like actually having a bug tracker service that you're actually use it goes wayfair did that you have contribution as people might be reviewing the code that you're using from a security perspective will I testing one like obscure devices or platforms and you know eventually if you are actually using some sort for developing an open source many people outside of your company actually can contribute back and Fylde fixtures and and and Improvements after that you're using so having an open source community is a good thing so
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