Changes as of January 15, 2018

📌 First Things First

🏠 Welcome Back!

We are very glad to still have your support. It never occurred to us that a hobby site would reach the amount of popularity it got, to the point we still have ourselves a loyal userbase even after all these years. We are thankful! But before you continue your use of this website, there are a few things we'd like you to know. 😌 


💬 Is this the re:boot?

We want to make sure we’re doing things right—as such, we’re under the obligation to inform you that our current website,, is not the socialneko re:boot, and is to be launched as nekoneko.

“But if it’s not the re:boot, then, what is it?” you’d find yourself asking, and that’s okay! We’re here to answer the doubts and questions you’ve got for us. Our current website is meant to be seen as a nostalgia site of sorts, for you to use while you wait for us to plug the re:boot. It’s also an alternative to our discord server, since we’re aware not everybody is familiar with the platform.

It is named balianw because it was previously used as a private server by one of our administrators and founder of the site, @Alían B, but it is now used to host socialneko for an undefined amount of time.

💬 Lauching date for nekoneko?

We’re honest—we don’t want to give a release date because we’re taking our time to build a product you’d like. No rush, let the pie bake in that hot oven.

We may, however, release a preview of nekoneko in a few months for beta testing, if everything goes according to plan.

💬 Will nekoneko still support the DS family of systems?

We cannot guarantee this will be the case—we believe that to grow our community, we need to move on to a larger range of devices and more advanced web development technologies. The Nintendo DSi came out in 2008—that was ten years ago! It had a good run, but it’s time to let things follow their course.

💬 Will there be an Android and/or an iOS app?

We don’t see this happening, for our developers don’t have the knowledge to build apps for these operating systems. However, we want to build our website to be both mobile and PC friendly.

Our plan is also to create a Progressive Web App, for they allow the perks of an app (offline content, system notifications) without us having to learn new programming languages or without having you go through the hassle of installing an app—it’d be right there, accessible by URL. (However, these can be installed too, if you want!)

💬 I was an artist there—How can I reclaim my old art?

Here’s a .zip of every artwork we stored as of 5.6.2016—for a total of 12,644 pieces.

📖 Changes

In accordance with the administrative reunion held last week, our staff has decided that nekoneko cannot be launched utilizing the same moderation we’ve held onto since 2012, as such—rules were ditched, and community guidelines were suggested.

📝 Guidelines

These guidelines are expected to be taken into action as of the publishing of this document. Please follow accordingly.

🔖 1. Bashing
  • We will not tolerate bashing of any sort, or for any reason, for we strongly believe everyone is to be treated with the respect they deserve as fellow human beings.
  • As such, you are not to bash someone based on, but not limited to:
  • their sexual orientation
  • their gender
  • their religion
  • the color of their skin
  • their culture
  • their political views
  • […]
  • Doing so, will result in a temporary ban or timeout—length decided in accordance with the severity of the broken rule(s).
  • Bashing does not include disagreeing with someone else’s views—you are free to discuss any topic you’d like, however:
  • be respectful
  • treat sensitive topics with maturity
  • if an user wishes to quit the discussion, respect their wishes

🔖 2. Spamming or Flooding
  • You are not to spam or flood any part of the site at any time or for any reason.
  • Doing so, will result on an automatic 10-minute timeout.
  • If you continue doing so, you will be banned for an unspecified amount of time.