template dating profile!
Click the “plus” in the top right, then copy-paste all this into the new document.

(Write up top: Is it okay if people share this?)


< Put photos of yourself here; ask your friends what the best photos are>

Your name
Tagline or quick summary

Wants kids?: 
Wants to be stay-at-home-parent?:

About you

List here anything unusual-ish in people you tend to really click with.

Also good to mention: What gender/sex of person are you looking for, as far as you know?

About me

Impart as much of your unique vibe here as you can! Think: what do your friends really like about you, that’s really specific to you? Express that! This will allow readers to be a “HECK YES” if they would super duper love your deal.

Some ideas for this section:
  • I come across as…
  • When I’m in a relationship I like to talk about…
  • In our family, I will value and teach our kids about…

Again, it’s a plus to rule people out if they really in fact wouldn’t click with your deal.

More photos are good here!

I feel somewhat conflicted about this, so use your judgment here, but you might want to add "Why aren't I taken yet?” e.g. “My best relationships are with people who really click on X, and those are rare” or “I only recently started looking for a life partner” or something like that!

Current and desired family structure

Do you have any ties or dependents already, or are you fully single and not yet a parent?
Are you open to any types of non-monogamy?

What next?

Do you want to schedule “dates” or are you looking for people to get to know you more slowly?
Where should people find you?
How do you like people to reach out?
What do you prefer in people communicating with you?

I included this in my own profile as I think it sets a looser and more casual frame. You might want to express similar in your own words.
  • “At the end of the day, all the above is just a starting point — just enough to convince us it’s plausible enough to spend some time together, to then see what emerges. Where the path leads from there is entirely up to us! There’s no script beyond this point. The process of steadily getting to know someone, and gradually becoming important and special to them, is so extremely personal and path-dependent.”