activating the urban commons studio

.. inter-scalar approach? from speculative to grounded, or from grounded to speculative??? 
… how to start change in a multi level? 
…. the first question x as commons” define x, physically alter it! 
….. consider the time as a parameter too

preliminary plan for the workshop week

day 1
introduction to the workshop week +What is Commons Architecture? 
individual field trips: commons josaphat, L28, viaduct, forest, parcfarm etc

day 2
morning session 10-12.30
preparation for the brainstorming sessions, designing the narrative
themes for brainstorming: urban situation, geographical distribution, types/subtypes of commons, critical network mapping, resources, people and protocols trilogy, decentralisation
spatial references regarding the X as commons at least 2 ideas

afternoon session 13.30 - … 
one hour collective brainstorming sessions coordinated by participants themselves

day 3
morning session
individual (test) site and/or people visits 
on site critical drawing

afternoon session 13.30 
individual / group discussions 
mini exhibition for daily feedback