Gamer is the Hero on a Journey

🚶‍♂️ The Gamer’s Journey

We believe that the gamer is a hero who has embarked the amazing journey. We are here to enhance the experience of your player! Monetizr engages with your player along this journey rewarding them for time, skills and money spent. We call it the Gamer’s Journey.

Mythologist Joseph Campbel created Hero’s Journey to explain every story, tale and myth ever written. Most Hollywood blockbusters follow these same principles and it applies to your game too.

Ⓜ️ The Gamer’s Journey with Monetizr

Each game is a journey, and every player is a hero on a mission. Therfore at Monetizr we are designing game reward experiences following best principles of the hero’s journey.

We analyze your player behaviour to engage with them right within the game. Based on core principles of Octalysis gamification framework we reward players with real rewards that feel a unique part of the game.

🎯 Identifying emotional triggers

First we look at the your game’s data. We play the game, we spend time with your game designer. We get to know your game super well!

Our goal is to identify behavioural triggers based on gamification core drives, that will help to motivate gamers to progress thought the game. Then we motivate the gamer thought the narrative of the game with a carefully designed emotional messages, notifications and hints right when it matters.

💅 Handcrafted gamer rewards

We always designs gamer’s experience following your game design esthetics. It has 100% game feel - view, coloring, buttons, even the sound and on-screen overlays. This helps to increase purchase conversion rates up to 10.6%.

Based on one of eight emotional core drives (see +glowing star Best practices of applying behavioural incentives to drive revenue, to learn more), we provide a simple SDK or API solution that enables to natively reward the player right within the game.

🏆 Real-life rewards 

To enhance the experience of your player we provide a fully white label solution so it nativity blends with game's narrative and game design. 

We engage with gamers by rewarding them with real life rewards. These rewards have a real value outside of the game. We bring game trophies to the real world, unlocking the bragging rights for your players.

📈 Results speak for themselves

When players love the gaming experience, this is what happens (see full case study):  
  • Thousands of player tweets and user photos, and even unboxing videos on YouTube.

  • See other use cases:


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