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Lead: aturon
Chat: WG-core-site

Getting started

The best way to start is to read this document, then join the chat and say hello! We’ll help you from there.


As part of the Increasing Rust’s Reach program, we are working on a complete revamp of the main Rust web site. The Rust Reach group is working primarily on the technical scaffolding and visual design, but we also need to work to revamp the content. That’s the focus of this working group.

You can find some existing materials here:


By the end of the impl period, we should:
  • Have highly polished front-page content focused on quickly explaining why you should care about Rust, conveying Rust’s success and support, and smoothly helping you find your way to the information relevant to you.
  • Have some more focused “sales pitch pages” tailored for particular audiences (e.g. C++ programmers, web devs, etc)
  • Have a very streamlined “getting started” page
  • Have a clear collection of “subsidiary” pages focused on various topics (e.g. Rust ecosystem, Rust tooling, Rust community)
  • Have at least initial drafts for many of the subsidiary pages

Available work

  • The focus right now is on the front page, which will in part drive some of the other concerns. Please take a look at the documents linked above, then ping @aturon on the Gitter chat to get involved!

Completed work

  • None yet!


incomplete list
  • @maraisr