Virtual Reality
If you only have 30min
Oculus Rift
Technology has finally caught up with the vision of VR
  • High performance 3D acceleration/graphics rendering
  • High density lightweight display panels (driven by mobile)
  • sub-20ms motion-to-photon latency
  • sub-millisecond pixel switching
  • High accuracy low latency sensors (driven by mobile)
  • Better approach to distortion correction for lightweight/compact form factor and high FOV
  • Using GPU shaders to pre-warp image output
  • Continuing advances in computational optics will continue to improve image quality
  • Real-world experiential research from certain games veterans (Abrash, Carmack) combined w/ ongoing industry/academic research
The combination of improvements, particularly with accurate positional/relational tracking and low latency/persistence display provide an sense of immersion and presence that appears to be qualitatively different from previous experiences.  See Abrash, 2014:
Technical Information
All the Oculus Connect 2014 keynotes and presentations are online. They are general fantastic/must watch if you are active or interested in VR development.
  • Oculus Rift CV1 Unannounced/Missing Features
  • Could be done
  • Lenses