If you look at a  vessel, there’s no way to see it.

o n e  person can never see a  vessel.

You can miss it, hate it, or realize that it’s taken something from you, but you can’t go somewhere and look at it and just see it empirically.

It has to be informed, imagined, by many people at a time.

It’s an everyday group hallucination.

This catalog is modeled on that phenomenon.

1 creator(s), professional and amateur, have contributed to it, not using the mutually blind exquisite corpse method, and not using the “may I have this dance” method where writers take turns being the author, but using the old Hollywood screenwriting system whereby a studio boss had at his disposal a “stable” of writers working simultaneously to crank out a single blockbuster, each assigned specific functions within the overall scheme.

The result is generic and perfect.

And  Vessel herself benefits from it by being more of a material entity, a being, than a character her thoughts and actions are not spanned by any  o n e  creator's mind.

who pulls her sails?