Running a developer champions programme 

so as I said I said I'm Matthew Revell I work for a company called Ruby and
hi nice to meet you
I work for mxene Berlin but I'm originally from Portugal
why are we talking about developer champion programmes well we're talking bed and we know it's 4 p.m. you might be getting tired but you're still going to be involved so let's Kick this off with some questions
raise Your Hand here for even they were all in most of us in developer relations who was originally a developer how many
number two who knows what a champion program is
well we hope you'll know by the end of the tour
and who is part of a fool is developers part of a Champion program
cute 3/4
tour operators
lastly are you ready
we're going to go back to basics and I don't want to worry you I'm not going to redefine developer relations
what we are going to do is gonna ask why do companies run several programs very briefly we're going to look at that
this is basic the reasons are that people don't know about a product we want to tell them
and also when people are using a proper tree want to educate them and support them
and lastly
I want to close that dip that feedback loop so when
please tell us about things that aren't quite as good in the products they could be in so on we want to bring that back to engineering and product and also we want to be the voices of developers within our company
how does developer relations do all of that well broadly speaking there for Dyffryn
pillars to developer relations one is all the awareness of that we do like blogging like going out to meet up speaking at conferences
community where we manage the process that enables people to become involved with our developer product abroad community around it
creating sdks creating maybe even sample apps or feeding back that
feedback to the product team
having an influence on the practice
and then education in support so hanging out and stackoverflow or doing training days whatever it might be
is ambitious as we might be in as much as we want to do all these four things there are two fairly basic constraints on on a developer relations programs
what AWS or Google or whether you still have some limits on how much money you have to spend
and then people or more more appropriately right now hiring there's really hard to hire the right people for your team is so you will always have this this gap between what you want to do and what you can afford and the people that you have on your team to help you achieved
it's hard to scale your program to the way that you want to
champion programs let us use a developer community helpers Bridge the gap
areas of Life people are willing to do things such as get involving fan clubs for babymetal or going clean up their local park or whatever it might be people take part in things for seemingly no other reason other than that they want to give something back
it's really important to understand the motivations for developers and getting involved in developed programs in order to be able to run them efficiently
why do developers take part in developing programmes so let's keep in mind that when were asking developers to take part in the Champions programme
asking them to take time out of their personal life out of not being with their families
spending some time maybe writing an article maybe rather than watching a movie this is things that we need to be conscious
there are some quite interesting things that motivate seems to be this to be part of a Champion program
so from our research we asked why
trading in every Bureaux champion why is it interesting
one that sends out the most is the access to key people so imagine you're a developer and you're in love with a software and you want to know the team you want to know the engineering team and having this access is so rewarding for them that is one of the few reasons for them to be a part of the program
progress their career with about people that if they're interested the likelihood of them becoming experts in the technology is quite high so what's the next step what's the next level what's the recognition
allows for a company to say I vouch for this developer
he's qualified but he's gay
another another reason so we like to find people that we can identify
developers sometimes have a hard time doing this right not everyone is into the same technology or believes in it in building go the same way and this is where you can find a group of people that identifies with the same values that you do
access to knowledge
so one of the key things here being access to roadmap so imagine that you're a developer lots of you are no need to be mad
one word imagine you can know what's coming up what's what's the roadmap going to be that information is powerfully put you ahead of the competition so these are the 40 things that we've