nextleap - net rights contributions
Welcome to the nextleap the crowd-sourced Net Rights interpretation.
Instead of proposing a new charter, we would like to build a space of interpretation. This document is there to provide tools for the participation of a diverse community of encryption practictionners, legal people, scientists and citizens.
With the whole set of annotations, we would like to produce a map of concepts, laws and actors to fully understand the implications and decisions made about the becoming of our digital selves.


The first step of the dispositif is to collect annotations about different initiatives, web pages and information regarding encryption and daily life.

base documents

The base documents are a set of documents we would like to investigate and build our interpretative matrix upon. You can start we these documents.

  • FR :
  • RU :

Other documents and webpages are also welcome to annotations. If you have any suggestions about local initiative to promote net rights, send it to tamkien.duong at and we will add it to this list of documents.

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  1. make sure you make you annotations public (default is private)


These particular tags will be used as meta-categories. Its means they won’t be treated as random keyword but will be exfiltred from the data in order to categorize the relationships between annotations and documents. Meta-categories will be helpful to us for the visualisation and interpretation of collective/contributive hermeneutic.

  • ++ add a pro argument or approve
  • -- add a con argument or disapprove
  • ?? question
  • !! reference

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