meta working group planning


Current goals

  • Establish a preliminary policy around crates in WG
  • Expert list
  • Document motivation, when to make a WG, etc
  • RFC for “compiler team regulars”
  • RFC or document defining working groups — what are they, when do you make one, etc

  • Get WGs “up and going”

Future goals

  • Develop



  • @David W Document continuing work (checklist of what is to be done) for crates policy.
  • More-detailed “new crate” setup steps - working with mw on this as they set up a new out-of-tree crate to learn what needs done.
  • Add a “how to work with out-of-tree” crates section to the rustc-guide - issue for this exists there.
  • create outline of compiler team level RFC @Nicholas M 


Action items for this week

  • Schedule meeting for Github permissions story @Nicholas M 
  • Prepare a “rough draft” of what compiler team needs to be able to do @David W
  • Plan future incompatibility meeting @Mazdak F


Action items for this week

  • @David W update crates policy to include how to propose new crates, labeling schemes, and alter triage process to use them
  • @David W document which working groups talked at triage, who is next, etc.