10 Things You Need to Know About Developer Relations for Women in JapanĀ 

hi guys we are restart feature on condensation
we take a feed who is it with that bra
the IRA start
please take a seat
restart session film
you drink coffee
ok early start next week I eat I'll talk to her
with extensive experience in the ITU industry for about 15 years
IT support engineer BT engineer and my product marketing
received a bit of a do catering IBM and OSS and a mixed reality driver please welcome
morning Deborah Tokyo in 2018
I have a good app developer Arabic 8 IBM based in Tokyo Japan
today I'm going to talk about 10 things
in a bad relationship for women in Japan
20 minute session in English
hope you're enjoying
it's my first time to be here so let me introduce myself a little bit
my real name is I at Acura but if you Google my name
previous article or
just me as a car tomorrow because I was I used to work at Microsoft has taken advantage and took care of your character called Friday at my dog
I'm big fan of anime and the new technology in the past
WordPress on Windows auto including
and I
I said of course I love Gabriel
thank you
before we get started
let's take a moment to think about the word wider greatest
major disaster
as he already met now
we had heavy rain in south western Japan last week
Rover 200 or dead
are many people forced to evacuate
at the same time
property in India as well
I had been asking myself how's the paper many times before
can help to prevent natural disaster or support
recovering from major disaster
today my answer is big yes
developer are working together
check out this video
call for Currys world wide multi media David that inspire developers to solve
same brother problem awareness
enable software Solutions
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