How to join OSS community 

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thank you for everyone my name is carbisdale call from his dad's I'm very glad to be here today
able to explain I am van over contributed in open source node red project in my session I'd like to explain about the how to join open source community
let me start from what I read about my presentation
at past ivory explain why open Source software contribution is important activity in company
Next open Source software programming. It called is not right
live it up at the by IBM and discuss with Mandy I will introduce about the software
Cardiff Bay student on my own and experience in joining good moderate community I will explain about the contribution no hard especially for Japanese companies
lottery I want to introduce new Open Source Project no the generator which she touches started contributing to
next is advantages of open Source software as we know there are a lot of advantages of using open Source software in a company
I think. Use that company has the four points are the four Owls
Inferno cost and delivery speed
everyone can download it is easily downloaded. Open Source software on the internet as a free stuff today
secondary source code
enter your source code is available on the internet so if there is an error in your system using open Source software
engineered can investigatory yourself and they can come up with there for you song
is long-term support visa to bend Oregon
how to clean hard sometimes good point for both engineers and bender
a bender stop there product engineer engineer to us
sometimes problem
what if the system is open. There engineer don't need it
the fairest and other Technologies
docker kibana define that are open. They are on the internet
vive software hardware compatibility system
if you just ask him.
rear hub compatibility and easy to connect to the other system
and the open source of the contributor company has more
over use our company
Fosters companies can add new functionality to delete a new function that is related to the original
impact DVR requirements of the software in the company
if the company becomes open source contributor company
customise Dr Loughborough
companies can advertise their abilities through their customers
companies can do to their customers.
on the other hand if the company the company they charge their customers by country activities
in fact in my test
start this party to our contribution on github or October requirements they are
it is a bit out of advertisement
master chief engineer Albert and on the bit of mental skills from community members
in traditional developmental stage
thought of the day program inside a company
on the other hand if you open source community engineer
ask a question on the internet and other engineering other company
in my case in my experience I learnt a hospital and community
for DVD I encouraged to contribute