Agate FAQs
 These FAQs are written 
(a) without any reference to the ability to use Agate on other titles.  When we have additional Agate-enabled titles, I will update the FAQs.   
(b) without any reference to auto top up, as it is disabled at the moment. 

 For the moment, we will simply put the FAQs on the Agate website, and insert links from the Agate wallet and Account pages.    

Once we have final designs, I will add screen shots where appropriate. 

We are not using the Zendesk Help Centre for the moment because its format requires that we set up three levels of information - categories, sections and articles.  Its quite confusing.  We will remove the FAQs from Zendesk, and just use Zendesk to manage email queries and feedback. 

  1.  What is Agate
1.1 Welcome
Agate is a new way to support Popbitch by paying for access to premium Popbitch articles.  Agate allows you to pay on a per-article basis instead of via a subscription.  With Agate you only pay for what you want to read.  Its a hassle-free way to access more of Popbitch with no risk of overspending:  spend 30p in a week, and you can read Popbitch for the rest of the week at no further charge.   

1.2  What are the benefits of Agate? The five key things you need to know

  1. Ease:  Signing up with Agate is quick and easy - its just 3 steps - and we only ask you for the minimum amount of information.    
  1. Flexibility:   There’s no subscription and you only pay for the articles you want to read.   
  1. Transparency:   With Agate, you always have full visibility of what you have spent and what you have read.  The tab lets you know when you have been charged.  Your Agate Wallet shows the cost of each article and how many more are chargeable before the site is available to you for free for the rest of the week.  Your Account page shows you every article you have read through Agate, everything you have spent, and all your top ups.  
  1. Control:  You can decide your preferred level of control for authorising charges:  you can decide to let Agate charge you automatically or you can approve the charge each time. 
  1. Security:  Agate has rigorous security standards so not only are your Agate Wallet and all your payments totally secure, but your article history is also protected.  

1.3 How do I start using Agate?

Step 1: Register:  It only takes a minute and Agate requires minimum personal information
Step 2:  Top up your wallet with as little as £3.00.  

Step 3:  Decide how you want to authorise charges:  either select that you want to authorise each charge, or set it to charge automatically from your Agate wallet for an interruption-free reading experience.  You can change your selection at any time through your Account page. 

1.4 What are the Features of Agate?

Agate’s payment process is simple and only requires a single sign-on.  Each time you want to read a premium Popbitch article, 10p will be deducted from your Agate balance.  Spend 30p per week on Popbitch, and access to all Popbitch articles will be free for the rest of the week.  

Agate gives you control over the level of your interactions:  you can elect to pre-authorise all charges for interruption-free reading, or authorise the charge each time.  

Other than the cost of each premium article there is no minimum spend, and no minimum time you need to keep your account with Agate. As it is a pre-pay system, you can never spend more than the amount you have preloaded.  The green tab on the side of your screen will let you know each time an amount has been deducted from your Agate balance. 

 You can access your Agate Wallet at any time from the tab to check your balance, and to see your progress towards free reading for the week.  Go to your Account page to see all your transactions, top up your Agate wallet, and to change your settings. 

1.5 No Commitment 
Agate allows you to pay for premium Popbitch articles without the commitment of a subscription. You are in full control of how much you spend, and you can withdraw unspent money in your wallet at any time

  1. Managing your account

2.1  Introduction to the Agate Wallet
The Agate Wallet lets you see your balance and your progress toward free reading for the week.  It can be easily accessed by clicking on the green Agate tab that sits on the side of your screen.  Click the tab and the Agate Wallet will open.