Developers Who Give Back: Growing Community & Purpose Through CSRĀ 

next week Libra moon Bryant director of operations of cricket is Omission in Bible promoting the encouragement encouragement and Deborah power over the external Craig
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what developer to successfully use clix product
why aren't you also board member over we see hope USA and our passion for The Importance and value of corporate social responsibility
welcome fryer
thanks for that so yeah I'm I'm going to talk today about the weather at Felbridge give back ground to music community
Lucius I think it's important right off the bat because not everybody knows what CSR stands for it stands for corporate social responsibility which is kind of a fancy way of saying it's like the Chernobyl
have a company a lot of companies are doing it these days where you know they work with charities to
software donations are going through events and things like that and I'm Gonna Come
Maggie said my name Spider-Man's director
relations at click not do a product picture anything but just to let you know that I talk about how we interact with ease
how quick does is there a data Analytics company and so load any kind of data and analyse or analyse would it be for an overriding purpose
new product pitch but that's how we engage with these organisation
it's alright I'm gonna take it somewhere track to Alex is talk where can it give some stories and give some experiences as I went through
this is definitely not to try to say you know where some amazing company in result you know we go out to the world my saving the world and look at how great we are
several occasions to do similar things
give some examples of this and how this actually
a variety of things I can have razors all the belts
so to start there's this thing called the millennials which in the USA people talk about quite a bit and it's called different things in different cultures but basically it's the younger generation Twenties and thirties
I want to say about bad things about him which I think is always happen that mean every older generation ends up hating the older generation
time in time again I'm sure my son will
things about our generation and in case we have the impression that they are lazy they don't appreciate their ancestors they don't appreciate the work that's been done to get them where they are
you know very wistful and and don't work and Overground
I'm bad I've seen studies that actually show that these people
the main motivators for them at work is to make a difference they want purpose they want to feel like they're doing something important they don't want to just go to HR
Mark and putting the time go home and of course not everyone has their that loves you
it's say they want to actually make a difference day they're especially nowadays the world can it seems like it
down a little bit so people looking around and seeing how can I make a difference how can I improve the
number the interesting thing is in a study which can analyse this
older Generations as well
variations it was also very top priority for them
I'm so this isn't just a thing with the money I was on Snapchat that thing with younger people older people
as part of human nature when I feel like doing something that makes a difference
always on the charitable side of things of course you know that people make a difference
a lot of people have this human need actually feel like what you're doing is important and I nobody wants to feel like they're just can't log in through life and so kind of what I'm talking about here is the difference between a vocation and
a job is
shall I leave you you put in your time you don't really care about it just for the money
a lot of people have them
I have had that kind of thing didn't have the lingerie nobility to necessarily
the difference in a job in a vocation is if you take something you're passionate about
mine up with that job and then that's something that you really
and so that that's kind of
I'm getting to hear around how are you can through CSR you can actually have combined them
so I'm again I might go back a little bit and talk about
had a really
also before I came the click about 8 years ago