Evangelizing the community with an Ambassador ProgramĀ 

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the next session is a banjo in the community with ambassador program and biotic cookie shadow 0he Grace tutorials courses and other educational content in forecast in the security identification and much more all the front and she pretty far and wide owns the Mac nc35 in NARS and God an awesome well I think you guys so much for are coming out another kind of late in the afternoon and everyone's can you get an overtired waiting for the after party but let's talk about it then dies in the community with an ambassador program and this morning I added Japanese translations using Google Translate so I apologize efficient stationers are not perfect but
OK cool so are my name is ah I don't cook it and I work as a developer evangelist for 80 and daffodils you got to don't know about ads are aware we're basically an identity and an atom station companies so we solve all of those annoying challenges of building login systems building identity authentication authorisation single sign-on we can make it really simple for developers
how to implement in a best in class
any other relation without having to cut it themselves
we are hiring for all sorts of positions here in Japan as well
that's enough about cereal so let's talk about ambassador programs and why you know why your organisation should have one
and I'll at first like about a the goal of an ambassador program so
basically the goal of an ambassador program is to build a worldwide group of individuals looking to generate awareness in adoption of your party
feel free to steal this line or this sentence as it is and just showed it to your bath replace your party with your company name and hopefully it gets accepted
so that's the that's the overall goal of an ambassador program but what about it's mission why should we have an ambassador program and this is really for the individuals that are going to be considering joining your program so why should somebody you know become an ambassador better tonight or ambassador or an ugly ambassador or any UNIS at platform ambassador
when we look at unicredit piazza ambassador program we look at what we were trying to do and you know what were we that was really important so our mission statement for the odds ambassador program is helping the developer community make the internet safer
so now we have a goal
a goal for the Ambassador program of raising awareness of our brain other organisation of what were trying to do and we also have a mission of what we aim the Ambassador programme to achieve
how to get into the question that our management team is going to ask us read out the bad and that's gonna be why why do we need this
you have a good you have a good pitch but why you know why should we find it so I should be invest money into it and I spend a lot of time thinking about this and try and reply back to organisation like why we needed it but I wanted to make it more general so I have just three reasons why you should consider implementing an ambassador program within your organisation
so the first one is skill
find out what I mean by scale is reaching more developers more often
and arrived this lovely gift here is my travel schedule over the last
a couple months
and I do a lot of events all over the world and it's fine but I don't get to relieve interactive tech community besides going to a meet up or going to a conference and there for a few days and then I fly out and really get the chance to go back in a 3 month or 6 month period so being able to scale your operating being able to do more events for meetups work conferences more often is one of the biggest benefits
the next minute it is influenced and what I mean by that is are you going to establish your organisation as a thought leader
never you know whatever industry you're in so where are you now where in the identity space so are Ambassadors are kind of thought leaders on how you should implement identity how you should think about that you know authentication authorisation and all those things
the Hub to have people who are passionate about your product and have to say hey I want to be part of your ambassador program I want to know I trust in your message I believe in your message and I want it spread the word you know spread your word
and then finally access and this is perhaps the most important one personally
what I mean by access is you get to capture the Pulse of local communities
this is really powerful because like I said earlier I do travel a lot and we're very very small team and I'd 0 and most devil angel is mors mors the most difficult people that I talk to their teams are very small usually less than 5 people often less than 10 and very rarely over that number
so having a master's kind of filling those gaps in various locations across the world really allows you to get a better understanding of the developer Communities around the world and this image here it is
whereabouts is so this image here is where we have our Grandad Tudors and we currently have them in over 20 countries so
are Ambassadors here in Japan or in Australia know the community way better than I ever will they know the customs in other culture they know the companies so they can be of a lot more effect in the you know there were as much more impactful there then mine is coming from the desert town of Las Vegas
so that's why we
I actually like the slide so
you need an ambassador program in your organisation and why it's a good idea one scale to influence and then 3 access and if you want to remember these easily just think of the pop star SIA
have you gotten out with talk about how we're going to get to building an ambassador program and deploying it in within our organisation
it will do this in five easy steps
you have an awesome product or service and if you're here in this room you're likely already here you have a dabriel team you have an epi or service that solving a real problem so everybody in this room should be
one step one
step 2 you likely already have friends that are talking about your product all across the world you know they're friends of it they're using it and your day there contributing there time they're effort for free if I could buy your product and help other developers learn about it and use it
earthquake Twitter search just putting an ad 0n meet up and sort it out all of our you know employees all of our official social media channels and easily found for posts so you know this guy I like to join me and downstairs this month as we discussed implementing 80 Phoenix JavaScript talking about every go for 100 hours sleep is for a480
tell me without 0 at the age limit up in engine Nigeria
there are no building blocks such as the Orient Express ql uglier in a nice park bio oil at the front and Phil in meet up so all of these events were not organised by yard station by our developers who final product in a really lovely day they wanted to eventually for hosting me up there hosting events and just talking about it do you already have fans in you do you know just for your company name and add meet up to you and I'm sure you'll find a
people evangelizing a product for free
so step 3 years to reach out to your friends and find ways to empower them so this is where we get to the step of actually formalizing an ambassador program and saying hey you know we have a great product we have people who are passionate about our products put two and two together like to bring these individuals into our organisation and
send more about a product of them resources there that they might not have just been awaiting a doctor in our blog and let's find ways that we can help them help educate them and give them a distant opportunities
step 3
10 step 4 is to define structure and a guide for your Ambassadors and this is really important because if you don't do this and you're better program is just going to wither away and die