Building DevRelopers

Seattle and Washington
she also had background in front end and back end engineering marketing and event organiser management welcome gesture
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so hello I'm just got to talk to you about the building developers and I'll tell you what my cutie turn here
I'll be back in Tokyo I was here last year and even though it's very hot I love it here I also really love sushi so I'm totally happy eating sushi everyday breakfast lunch and dinner
so I'm really excited to be here and we'll talk about our building developers be proactive and reactive approach
so a little bit about me and as I mentioned I am an engineer by background and I don't let the community building one of those is a conference in Denver Colorado called dinosaur DS
lovely dinosaur dress here
and I live in Colorado I love skiing and let my dog I miss her to not put any pictures in this presentation but if you want to
I'll talk to you later
you can find me on the website or just the west on Twitter I'm known for selfies and pictures of wine and the case might technology
I work at algolia
A45 hempel people I'll go where is a hosted search API allows you to add search to website really easy it is not elasticsearch elasticsearch but something different so if you have questions about that you're free come find me afterwards I have a bunch of stickers in some bottle openers and all that
so what exactly is a developer some of you might be asking
the terms like I'm passed around in a sign of your slack Channel 4 if I was really great so I got into this presentation and really it's a developer that access individual contributor on developer relations team
some of those with you are different titles passed around for that
community engineer engineer advocate developer market technical community manager
are all the things about it really all these titles matter when will you boil down space somewhere things
so if you look at history on people things develop relations as this new trend
it's been around since 1982 from Microsoft and app
Erwin twilio first introduced in 2010 we can see a spike here
brilliant becoming more than mainstream things product teams and this is because of the weather
Robert he man executed
the little bit different
he wanted to build the community we want to communicate with them and see no
since then we've seen a lot more departments bring that into there departments they've been adding a department in a company but they might not listening know what to do or how to get start
so we're really done in your team strategy is important here and it is essential to your success
how do your players that will help determine how you move for
Google we want to go straight into a game in a football soccer without getting directions from York
team we
I shouldn't be the same thing for developer relations we need some kind of strategies to go for it for that
new games has anybody play the game Risk
I reckon it's not that
info in gamepress we have you see little pieces you've got
and you have all the different continents and your players that you can take to move forward and building up like a War strategy
in the game of breath
I want a builder to build up armies depends aggressively on attacking to acquire territory
however that really comes down to Marble roll the dice
so few players that build up armies