catherio’s dating profile 😁

Current status: as of August 2022, taking a break from serious dating, but open to fun flirty  connections (and who knows, it might go somewhere!)

Feel free to reach out, or fill out this form to go on a date some time!

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Catherine Olsson (“catherio”)

“Introspectively and interpersonally thoughtful and tenacious” -(friend Josh)

Age: 32
Gender: Female
Location: Currently San Francisco
Monogamy: Preferred in the long run
Kids: Preferred in the long run

Looking for: eventually something longterm - but taking it easy and eager to be surprised

About you

Not “requirements”, but any of these is a very strong plus for me!

Gender/sex: I like folks who express masculinity, but are also comfortable with their feminine aspects (usually men or transfeminine folks). 

Emotional and communicational fluency: you’ve read “therapy books”, use some introspection or self-therapy techniques, meditate, or something like that. 

Pragmatic competence: You can take on practical tasks and you’re good with logistics.

Intellectual spark: You’re sharp, intellectually lively, and curious. 

Deep conviction and sincerity: You have values you stand for and are willing to defend. 

Physical embodiment: You want a partner who will physically play in the world with you, and go on adventures that make us feel alive.

About me

I come across as…

… competent and warm, smart and caring. (Also my last partner said I’m “funnier” than this doc makes me sound 😝)

A friend once described me as “overly-systematizing maternal Aragorn” 🛡👸📈

I’m kinda on the masculine side of women - somewhat bro-ish or boy-ish.