catherio’s dating profile 😁
(Initially this was just being passed hand-to-hand among friends and twitter mutuals, but at this point this has been shared several hops beyond its original context — see context collapse” — so I have removed some personal detail and adjusted some language!)

(This kind of thing has been perceived super super well by folks in my adjacent cultures/circles, and a very mixed bag beyond that; it is purposefully designed to filter out people who don’t like this style. Knowing that, inspired to make your own one of these? Template here!)

Current status: as of August 2021, seeing someone! Leaving this here as a reference for others feeling inspired :)


Would like a long-term partnership. Maybe let’s get to know each other and see what emerges!

Me: Catherine Olsson (“catherio”)
Curious, enthusiastic, driven, cares deeply about things 

“Introspectively and interpersonally thoughtful and tenacious” -(friend Josh)

Age: 30
Gender: Female
Location: Currently San Francisco, preference to stay on West Coast
Monogamy: Preferred in the long run. I want to build a dedicated partnership. Somewhat flexible; pre-existing non-primary partners might still work.
Wants kids?: Preferred. If you’re inclined towards kids, but not totally sure yet, that’s fine!
Wants to be stay-at-home-parent?: No; but taking turns off work, or having either myself or a partner work less-than-40-hours, sounds great.

About you

I’m putting this section first, because if any of this describes you, we should definitely at least chat 😊.

(You really don’t have to match all these descriptions. But each of these is a very strong plus.)

Gender/sex: You express masculinity, but are also comfortable with your feminine aspects (I’m most often attracted to men or transfeminine folks, and usually not cis women). You probably know what you’re into, sexually, and can communicate about it. The dance of doing/directing/giving and receiving/accepting/yielding is something you want to be on both sides of at different times.

Emotional and communicational fluency: You’ve probably read “therapy books”, use some introspection or self-therapy techniques, meditate, or something like that. Being skilled at communicating about emotions is key to winning me over 😉😁.

Pragmatic competence: You can take on practical tasks and you’re good with logistics, and you’re excited to bring this to a partnership.

Intellectual spark: You’re sharp, intellectually lively, and curious. You enjoy building abstractions and speculating about the grand arc of humankind and our place in it, and delight in precise concepts and technical metaphors.

Deep conviction and sincerity: You have values you’re willing to protect and defend. You want a partner who’s inspired by your giving-a-damn and your integrity.

Physical embodiment: You want a partner who will physically play in the world with you, and go on adventures that make us feel alive.

About me

I come across as…

… competent and sincere, smart and caring.

I want everyone to have the nice things, the warm beautiful things, the things that make life worth living. This motivates me to pay attention to what’s important, and step up when things need doing. I pursue what matters with tenacity and care. I’m reliable in a crisis.

A friend once described me as “overly-systematizing maternal Aragorn”.