Catherine’s dating profile 🌌
Current status: as of July 2023, single again and resuming dating!


Catherine Olsson (sometimes “catherio” as a nickname)
“Introspectively and interpersonally thoughtful and tenacious”

Age: 33
Gender: Female
Location: Berkeley
Kids: Preferred
Monogamy: Preferred, but flexible

Looking for: Connection that’s cozy, fun, flirty, reliable, and deeply supportive of one another. If it keeps working and feels sustainable, let’s take a real shot at doing it indefinitely.

About me

I come across as…

… competent and warm, smart and caring, sensitive and grounded, playful and open, determined and vibrant.

I spend my time and energy on…

Being good to close friends. Creating home spaces that support me being who I want to be.

Thinking about how come we get to have such nice things  🧐 🧐 🧐 ??? …

… and just enjoying the nice things 😁

Emotional fluency, practical self-healing, and gracefully holding space for myself and others. Being present with what’s real.

Improv! Painting! — Expression, fun, and openness to life.

Exploring the city…
… and getting outdoors 🌲
I work in AI research, and I think this transition is gonna be rocky for humanity in a lot of ways. I hope I can help it go better but lately I feel grouchy about it (as well as hopeful).

About you

Not “requirements”, but any of these is a very strong plus for me!

Gender/sex: I’m most into men who are both comfortable in masculinity and alive to their feminine aspects (also I’ve seriously dated non-binary/trans folks before, so try me).

Emotionally attuned: You’re in touch with yourself and listen deeply to others.