💊care.me personas

Persona 1:  Anna - Living with Asthma


Age: 30                               
Occupation: Startup CEO
Location: New York City, New York

Data to Monitor: 

  • Body: Weight, Hieght and BMI
  • Fitness- Base/Active Energy, Distance
  • Vitals- Heart rate & Respiratory rate
  • Results: Oxygen Saturation & Inhaler usage
  • Nutrition: Energy consumed

Technology Anna owns:

Apple Watch
CareTRx Sensor for Inhalers https://www.caretrx.com/

Anna owns her own Startup company in New York city. Her lifestyle is demanding and high stress but she loves what she does. She uses join.me often to video conference with co-workers.

She walks a mile to work each morning for her daily commute, but this can be difficult for Anna because she suffers from Asthma. This effects her breathing and ability to take on her daily commute to work. Anna has been setting up weekly check-in’s with her doctor over care.me to help her monitor and manage her Asthma symptoms. Keeping a healthy weight, managing exercise and monitoring inhaler intake are especially important for Anna to keep track of for treatment. 

How Anna and her doctor use care.me:

  1.  Anna & her doctor log into join.me and start a meeting. 
  1.  Doctor asks permission to view Anna’s data and when she accepts, a new share mode called “Chart” appears.
  1.  Doctor asks Anna how her daily commute to work has been this week and what breathing difficulties Anna has been experiencing. 
  1. Doctor is able to view her physical activity and can see that with the treatment provided, Anna’s physical activity and the distance she is able to walk without feeling symptoms has increased. 
  1. Doctor views her inhaler usage over the past week and can see that she has only needed to use it twice. Two months back she needed to use her inhaler every day.  They compare her inhaler usage and see improvements. 
  1. Doctor looks at Anna’s nutritional intake and suggests some foods to try that will help with a healthy diet to prevent Asthma flare-ups.


Persona 2: Mark- Living with Type 2 Diabetes


Age: 45
Occupation: Engineer
Location: Orlando, Florida

Data to Monitor: 

  • Body: Weight, Hieght and BMI
  • Fitness- Step Count, base/active energy
  • Vitals- Blood Pressure Systolic, Blood Pressure Diastolic, heart rate,
  • Results: Blood Glucose,