Hack Week Guide Example
Hack week is happening on this Trello board and in Slack in #hack-week 💥 

Theme: Add your Theme

Date: Add your Date

  1. Anyone at Company can add a project card with an idea, or upvote an existing card to show support for that idea. Deadline TBD!
  1. Engineers, please form teams form by joining Trello cards that are exciting to you 
  1. Once you’ve joined a card, move it into "Projects with Builders" column
  1. Find your fellow builders and kick off however works best for you. You can use the #hack-week slack to coordinate.
  1. At the end of hack week, please add a card with a link to your project, where-ever it lives (e.g. staging server). 
  1. Please don’t deploy anything to our users - make sure it stays safe behind feature flips. 

There is no minimum team size, and a team of 1 is just fine (although it might be fun to work with someone else). The focus is on what can you hack in 3 days and get to a demo-able state. Similarly there is no max team size, but more than 3-4 folks can be hard to coordinate. We’d recommend teams of 4 or less, but feel free to organize however you want. 

You can work on any project you like! You don’t have to work in a product area or codebase that you’re used to. We’d love to encourage folks to exploring something a bit different if you want. If you prefer to work in your normal product area, that’s fine too. 
It feels great to try and join just 1 project card to focus on getting it 100% done in the 3 days, although if you have 2 very small ones that could work too.

No, you don’t have to join the most-upvoted cards. That info is there to help you decide if you’re on the fence about what would be really cool and impactful. This is a true hackathon, where you can build whatever you like. 

We’re reducing normal recurring syncs as much as we can to give lots of focus time to hack week. So regular recurring syncs, 1:1s, etc are going to be postponed or cancelled. 
The only exception is if there are sprint planning questions coming up that your PM and EM need input and help with, please expect to be available to give that help and advice if it is needed 🙂 

Demo Day - Add Date

  1. Please share a link to something demo’able on your project card 💁 
  1. (If possible) create a gif/screen recording of your demo and add that as well 😍 
  1. Move your card into Demo-able thing! 
  1. On the Demo Day, we‘ll have a video call to show what awesome things we all build. In addition we will likely also write a Thread to let everyone know what you all did 🌏
  1. For each project card, PMs will decide if/how to deliver to users 🏁