How I started Elastic community and it became my job

thank you for coming we contact you I'm not UK and Suzuki at this room is moderator
the worst thing is how I started the elastic community and it became my job and by John Mayer and Kim
round Beach Hotel Europa for 7 years and now abundance in rostov in statie and 2000
studied their assets of community before he joined a stick and it grew up over 4000 members
if you are crazy creating a localizer technical content and writing blog posts and articles and running meetups and pacifica take the cover and the community with their properties welcome to Jamil hello does microphone sounds ok
namaste what ocean am I
this is almost the word I know in Japanese I'll speak in English
my name is John Wayne in the last name is Kim I'm from South Korea
and thank you for inviting me this great event together
where is the my title I'm working company elastic if anyone knows about elastic or elasticsearch
ok that's good honest of you are elastic is the company behind the elasticsearch
name was elasticsearch about to be changed the population name to elastic so we are looking
the beyond a search engine and
I'm working as a community engineer actually my phone
who was the Evangelist or developer advocate
not the same thing you are doing
do people in Dunoon sheriff just to be changed our team name to community team so we are using a title is a
like Father evangelist in the engine Community Junior recital of around the bus at a major conference and I do run the meetups I do I work with the community and the weather
go to a primitive technology
Lynton hotels from my stories it's a pretty personal story about this is a unique and interesting too so I'd like to share my Story 2
in this great event
I here was what I was I was a my first career I join the
CB global company and career over
so 100
can employees in Korea and I started my first career as a software developer
I sent another team to maintenance the
which was built in 2002 which is quite old
I think it is a pretty similar like in Korea and the Japan because of many people wants to join the company big major global company like
oh you have a light card Samsung LG Hyundai
and I was lucky I was enjoying one of them
in this electric organisation is a hard stool
do what you want personally usually you get orders from your boss
when your manager interview orders you to
do something you need to but it is so hard to tell them you want to do something other you want you want to do something new technology
this was the first system I was a maintenance in which was built in 2002 it was a build on Java mostly pure Java
needing to use the new framework
52 zuleyka only Java and jsp
and up
how to avoid working this major beer company and I was kind of person who wanted to feel like the two other pro very new technology like World is Changing very fast in a twirl it is very new technology is coming but I am still maintenance seeing
Youth in 2002 was which was
show me closer I had a very low chance to
the new technologies and it was a quiet Express for me
kompany on 2013