Over the last couple of years I’ve built relationships with some of the worlds most brilliant leaders. 

For an opportunity to connect with those below, please send an email request to: allensaakyan@gmail.com



Adam Gazzaley 
neuroscience, digital medicine

Adam Neumann
education, entrepreneurship, media, co-working, WeWork, Meetup 

Adam Savage 
education, media, Myth Busters, Brain Candy 

Adeo Ressi
entrepreneurship, FI

Angela Alioto
mayor, homeless, San Francisco, crime, safety, politics, education, media, law

Ahmad Y. Sheikh
healthcare, surgery, cardiac

AJ Jacobs
author, quantified self, healthcare, neuroscience 

Alison Van Eenennaam
biotechnology, animal genomics

Anamita Guha
IBM, Watson, AI, AR/VR, Chatbots

Andreas Forsland
neuroscience, AI & Robotics, brain computer interface, sensors

Andrew Hessel
biotechnology, bioinformatics, virology, Singularity U, Autodesk, Perfect Day, clean food

Andrew Ng
AI & Robotics, computer science, Stanford, professor, Baidu 

Ankur Jain 
politics, education 

Anting Shen 
autonomous vehicles, AI, machine learning