Zulip-GSoD 2019 Project Report


The project focused on three aspects of documentation needs. 1) Upgrades to the documentation system’s build tools and troubleshooting warnings and other tooling issues along the way.  2) Improvements to the overall organization/quality of the Production and Subsystems areas of Zulip’s developer documentation. 3) Simplification of articles in zulipchat.com/api so that new users can learn how to access and interact with Zulip’s REST API more easily.

Work Done

Merged Commits

List of commits that Zulip merged into its repository sorted by merged date in descending order:

Pull Requests

List of PRs that correspond to merged commits and include more details and discussion:

Work Products

Reorganized content of articles and subsections

New Articles

Project Status

Open Pull Requests pending review

Follow-up work

  • Better organize the “Subsystems” section of the developer docs.
  • Proofread and polish newly merged articles in the “Production” section. Discussion here.

Challenges and Learnings:

  • At first, I didn’t have a clear procedure on how to merge articles/subsections correctly which led to some confusion and undoing/redoing work, but then after some back and forth it was pretty much smooth sailing.
  • It was quite helpful when my mentor helped refocus priorities about halfway through the project. The guidance Tim provided realigned the documentation efforts with Zulip’s current goals towards an upcoming major release. I felt this improved the overall experience of the project.
  • It was good to learn about reporting issues to upstream projects to help others in the open source community as well as receive help from them if someone figured out a solution.
  • It was nice to receive a prompt and positive response from several developers after @mentioning them in a PR asking if we could list their projects in the documentation.