a case study for a time travel e-commerce platform
Branding and Identity
Visual Design


This is a UX case study for a hypothetical company, called Zeit, focusing on product development for a new kind of e-commerce platform, as well as original branding and identity work. 

--What is Zeit?

Short version- A time travel company, subsidiary of Virgin Group.
Longer version- Imagine taking airfare aggregators like Kayak and Expedia, trip and accommodation booking sites like Airbnb, and customer review spaces like Trip Advisor and Yelp, throw in time travel, then put them all into a blender...This is Zeit, Virgin Group’s time travel e-commerce travel booking platform. 

My role

I researched and developed the product (Zeit) for the potential time travel customer. I also designed the branding, identity and visual design.


80 hours, 4+ weeks


The foundation of building a successful product is, of course, strategic and meaningful research. After conducting market research and competitor analysis, as well as running focus groups, interviews and distributing surveys, here a few of my key insights:  

User needs and desires

  1.  Meeting people from the past
  1.  Learning (observing the past directly)
  1.  Experience (touch, smell, see, etc…)
  1.  Desired time spent in another time ranges from 1 day to a month
  1.  100% of those surveyed said they would like to travel to another time with another person.

Commonly used features

  1. Price comparison
  1. User reviews
  1. Photo galleries
  1. Interactive maps
  1. Use of web apps for leisure travel booking and mobile apps for work-related booking

Define the problem space.

Once I gained an understanding of our typical user--a millennial in their late 20s-early 30s with disposable income for at least one vacation a year--I created a user persona and empathy map.

User persona

Empathy Map

Project goals + Product roadmap

 I began the process of developing the product features, in the form of a product roadmap, taking into account user needs, business goals, and development concerns. 

Card Sort results

In order to understand how to structure the platform’s information architecture, I conducted an online open card sort with seven participants. This produced a clearer understanding of what themes and trips would be grouped and featured: