Hi there!

We are so excited to have you on our team.

You might be a little confused as to what exactly Wuilt does and what all these techy terms that have been thrown at you mean, so we thought we’d make this little cheat sheet to help you out.
While this packet includes a lot, it may not include everything, so always feel free to come to Rostom, Mahmoud, or Asmae for clarification if there’s something you don’t understand. Don’t be shy! 


In simplest terms, Wuilt makes websites for businesses.

It’s a platform that lets business owners enter in some information and have a website. Just like that. 

Our slogan is “Watch Your Website Build Itself,” and our entire business rests on the idea of letting a user sit back, type in some information, flip through some design options, and then be able to publish a website in minutes. 

It’s all about simplicity. We want to emphasize the idea that your website is already built, and make the creation process as easy and quick as possible. 


The first thing a user does after making an account with Wuilt is complete three steps. Users will be asked for three pieces of information that will be later used to automatically create a website.

First, they fill out their main business information. 

Then, they add their services. 

Finally, they add their contact information and/or location. 

Once they do that, they automatically have their very own website.

You’ll see that the three wizard steps were used to make the four main pages of their website (Home, About Us, Services and Contact). You’ll also notice that the industry that was put in (Bakery) has been used to automatically insert images onto their website.

If a user wants, they could just leave their website at that, but they now have the option of adding more pages. They can also change the photos, colors, fonts, and add different sections, forms, icons and links (more details on these will be explained later).

What’s important to know here is that everything inside of the builder is already made. The design team has created beautiful section designs for clients to choose from, so all a user has to do is flip through them using the “Next Section Design” button. 
Once they’re done, a user just has to click Publish, fill out some more information, and then they’re online! They can also always go back and make changes later, even when their website is live. 


The main difference between Wuilt and other website builders is how easy it is for someone to make a website with us. Our main competitors are Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. These are Drag-and-Drop website builders (See: “Drag-and-Drop” below). They offer many more options than Wuilt, but they can be confusing, time-consuming and can leave you with poorly-designed websites.