Write an article about the Product Design Docs
You may have arrived to this document from an article about documenting the design process written by Ismael González and published in Smashing Magazine. Read the article to get the full picture.
Status: Complete


We have an opportunity to talk about how to document the design process, so we can share our learnings with the community and help other designers face some of the challenges of working remotely. 

Documented design process and validations is a tedious work that often relies on personal meetings and only outputs the final result of the discussions. This makes it really difficult for remote people to get involved in the process and forces everyone  to actually have a fixed schedule to meet together.


  • Provide a clear methodology for people to document their design process
  • Indicate the key benefits of using Product Design Docs
  • Engage with the audience by using story telling
  • Generate visual assets for the article to increase the depth of processing
  • Create document templates that people can just grab and use
  • Mention any source of inspiration so people can build on top of the article content



Prepared an outline and sent it over to the team at Smashing Magazine to get a “go” or “no go” decision.
Expected Feedback
  • Use document comments for feedback
  • Impressions of the higher-level concept.
  • Suggestions for scope and ways to expand.
  • “Go” or “no go” decisions on feature elements.
  • Avoid nit-picks on grammar and copy.


Prepared an initial draft to express main rough ideas and get some feedback on the overall direction.

Expected Feedback
  • Use document comments for feedback
  • Nit-picks on grammar and copy
  • Suggestions of different ways to expand
  • Was the feedback from S30 addressed correctly?
  • Avoid “Go” or “no go” decisions about key project elements
  • Avoid impressions of the higher-level concept


Worked closely with the editorial team to fix typos, provide more clarity on the finest details of the article to make sure is both engaging and provides a clear value for the reader. Templates examples about the document must be provided at this point. Visual assets are also needed to make sure the story is compelling to the reader.

Expected Feedback
  • Use document comments for feedback
  • Nit-picks on grammar and copy
  • Was the feedback from S60 addressed correctly?
  • Visual design feedback
  • Avoid suggestions of different ways to expand (unless is minor)