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Reading: Charles Broskoski on self-discovery that happens upon revisiting things you’ve accumulated over time

Would the patterns of ourselves on Are.na be accurate enough? And would these patterns change the way we are in daily lives?

Why do you think are.na is less popular than instagram? Perhaps this is because users have to pay to get premium access, where as instagram is free. Yet instagram has ads. How would the experience of are.na change with ads?

Are.na collects all the information, then categorizes the data according to the theme, and organizes it into different channels for everyone's reference. What's the different business model with Pinterest? 

Pinterest has a predominantly visual way of presenting information, whereas Aren.na combines visual learning with reading/writing. Do you think this approach is more effective in drawing in a diverse range of users?

How can we design helpful apps that don’t require giving up loads of data about ourselves?

What makes people think that are.na is a healthy website? Is it because there’s no ad or is it because of something else?

“There’s a self-discovery that happens when you revisit things you’ve accumulated over a period of time. You look back and begin to recognize patterns in your own thinking.” Is it possible to use these patterns to change they way a person approaches creativity? 

If are.na was as popular as Instagram would it still be effective as a platform to store research (unbiased or influenced by factors currently affecting social media)? Or would the collections and connections formed with other users 

Would it ever be possible for a website like aren.a to be as popular as Instagram or Pinterest? Is that the point? Why/Why not?

How does aren.a push creativity for non-artists that are interested in the website?

Who is are.na more helpful to?: People who know what they want or people who don’t?

Will  aren.a become as prevalent as Instagram/Pinterest among non-designer communities? Since they aren.a has very different business model compare to Instagram and Pinterest,  will it ever make a profit like these commercial companies?